C. Farrell Johnson Fine Arts, LLC


Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion

Every morning as soon as my eyes fly open, I think of all the "to-dos" of the day. After sending up a prayer for strength and positive energy, I also give a shout out to Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion. She is a model of patience, ingenuity and grace in dealing with the routine and unexpected challenges of the day. 

Not everyone is a believer. For those who are not particularly religious or spiritual, I do not doubt that there is some type of morning ritual used to get motivated, to get energized or to get the creative and innovative juices flowing. We all need some type of inspiration to help us as we confront lives that seem to be getting more complicated with each passing day. The list of obligations often seems never ending. 

Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion thrives on a challenge and never gives up. She knows how to multitask like no other. And she understands the need for taking time out for rest, renewal and relaxation so that she can persevere in this marathon called life. Most of all, Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion has a sense of humor and knows that mirth is the best tool to use when dealing with a stressful situation. 

We all have someone in our lives who has inspired us by their seemingly indefatigable nature and unlimited capacity for forgiveness. If you were to portray this mythical saint, what would your interpretation of Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion look like?