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Color Your World

This coloring book for adults contains images inspired by some of Cynthia's favorite things - music, nature, ice cream and more! Painting and drawing have always been her escapes from the every-day routine. Let coloring these images help you relax and be transported to a rich world of your own. Enjoy coloring your world!


Paperback:  $8:00

A Great Gift for Adults and Children "At Christmas, one of the gifts I sent my family in Australia was your coloring book and a set of colored pencils.  The coloring book caught the attention of my 5-year old grand-nephew, who appropriated it as his special possession.  To the amazement of his mother and grandmother, he spent hours engrossed in coloring the pictures -- not scribbles, just careful execution of working "inside the lines" to bring the pictures to life.  All in all, his fascination with the pictures made a family vacation in the mountains a happy occasion for him (and the adults)."

The Black King

The Black King is available in hard cover and paperback editions. 


Originally written in Catalan by Ponc Pons of Minorca, Spain, The Black King, was the inspiration for this painting.  King Balthazar must travel far to join the other Magi in their search for the Christ Child.  Following the guiding star with his servant Said, he encounters hostile villagers and performs miracles along the way.  The Black King is a timeless tale of faith and charity in the face of intolerance and suffering.  In his dedication, Mr. Pons writes, "With good will and forgiveness, every day will be Christmas." 

The Black King was translated into English by Clyde Moneyhun and illustrated by Cynthia Farrell Johnson.

Hardcover:  $19.93

Paperback:  $12.99

Kindle:  $3.99